About Finding a Way Ahead!

Welcome to my Finding a Way Ahead! website.

Finding a Way Ahead! was written to encourage people to take heart whilst enduring illness, loss, and  those sad life  experiences which take us out of our depth. People often need a guide to help them through their difficulties so that they can learn how to unpack the initial panic and then journey from despair to hope. The book is aimed at helping readers travel through these experiences; to learn how to cope and to rebuild their lives.  My aim was to help people find tools and coping mechanisms in order to understand and unpack what the experiences are really about.

Some of the reflections in the book are inspirational, and some derive from personal experiences or those of others. Often people feel marginalised and  the common accounts here are of  loss, loneliness and alienation. The book shows Jesus in a contemporary, self-help way which is not overly religious, nor is the book a theological discourse. It aims to show how to tap into the power and non judgemental consciousness of God to receive the spiritual tools that can help us mend again.

Finding a Way Ahead! is friendly and approachable, and in short sections that can be read by very busy people in a few minutes. Yet that short time may be all that is needed to feel refreshed and uplifted. The book signposts the reader to healing and wholeness and hope.