This is a book with a simple message of hope

Finding a Way Ahead! Spiritual Signposts to Healing and Wholeness.
Angela Harper. Circle Books. Pp. 92. Price £9.99

The author, who studied theology at Spurgeon’s College, London, courageously shares the reality of her own struggle with illness and her journey towards wholeness. Throughout the ten chapters of her book she offers a message of hope and reassurance; a message that echoes age old spiritual wisdom contained in the biblical saying, ‘Do not be afraid.’ A
central theme of her work emphasises that it is often during our most difficult times that God starts to open the windows of our souls in order to let the light flood in. The recurring call is to trust in God and hold onto faith and hope even when all seems to be going against you.

Using personal experience and scripture passages she offers meditations on a series of themes including our woundedness, our burdens, the call to change our perspectives and the need to care for self and others. The scripture translations used come from The Message which paraphrases the more literal meaning of the biblical texts in order to make more accessible the underlying message contained in the passages.

This is a book with a simple message of hope; ideal for those leading busy lives, its core theme is very accessible. It is suitable in particular for those struggling with illness, addictions, depression or any other form of darkness in their lives. As long as there is suffering in the world, the message of holding on in trust and hope is one that will always be relevant.


Cáit O’Dwyer, RSM

Just to say ‘This review was published in the May 2017 issue of THE FURROW –

Reproduced with kind permission from The Furrow.

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